What is Coiffure EU?

Coiffure EU is the European association of employers’ organisations in hairdressing. Already organisations in 20 European countries join Coiffure EU. Coiffure EU has also been recognized by the European Commission as the representative organisation for employers in the European Union. To succeed on national level, it is important that members of Coiffure EU are the representative organisation in their country.

The purpose of Coiffure EU is to promote the interests of member organisations in the field of employers in its capacity as a confederation of national employers' organisations.The leading theme is ‘business development instead of marginalisation’. If Coiffure EU wants to bring the hairdressing sector to a further stage, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship should be improved. Information exchange between the members is at the very heart of Coiffure EU.

Coiffure EU shall make best efforts to achieve this objective by 
• Providing a forum for discussion of affairs which are important for the hairdressing sector in the member countries.
• Representing sector interests on behalf of the members at the level of the European Union in general.
• Pursuing economic and labour relations activities for member organisations, on behalf and with the agreement of the member organisations.
• All other activities that are direct or indirect conducive to the organisation's purpose. 

Membership fee
The membership fee is since 2016 based the number of inhabitants and the Gross National Product.
Gross National Product - GNP
> 50,000 fee of € 3,100 
10 – 50,000 fee of € 2,100
< 10,000 fee of € 1,100 

Number of inhabitants 
> 50 million fee of € 4,500 
10 – 50 million fee of € 2,500
< 10 million fee of € 1,500 

overall fee of € 1,500: < 2,5 million inhabitants a low GNP:

For more information contact the secretariat (Mrs Miranda Bakker) by +31 35 5280 280 or by mail info@coiffure.eu

Coiffure EU was founded on 21 May 2005 in Frankfurt, Germany. The association acts as a successor of the CIC-Europe registered in Paris, France and founded on 11 May 1998 at Louvain, Belgium.

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